Water Softeners & Drinking Water Systems

Calcium buildup can ruin elements in your water heater, leave residue on your dishes and even have the tendency to dry and irritate your skin. Utilizing soft water can and Will save you money on costly plumbing repairs and replacement of appliances. It will also save money by minimizing the usage of soaps for bathing, dishwashing and washing machines.

Diamond Plumbing wants to help provide better and healthier water for you and your family. From a home pre-plumbed for a water softener to the retro-fitting of one, we have you covered.

Charger Product Family
  • Softer Smoother Skin

    Soft water is exactly as it sounds. Your skin will notice a difference during and after bathing. The integrity of the water almost gives it a silky like feeling.

  • Efficiency

    The water softener unit bases its salt usage on water demand average. It will sense if you are using more or less water based on a small period of time.

  • 5 Yr Warranty

    The unit has a five year warranty on all parts and labor. The resin bed within the softener has a typical life span of 5-7 years depending on normal usage and chlorine levels. If a resin bed becomes exhausted before that time, the media is not warrantied.

    • High Flow Head

      Some of the other water softeners that are sold in the area downsize your homes water flow inside the control valve. This causes problems such as hot water taking longer to get to a fixture, bathtubs not filling fast enough, etc. Plumbing code requires a unit to match the sizing of the pipe going into it, and to not to restrict water flow.

    • Different Sized Units

      We will size and quote the unit that is right for you. This is usually based on how many family members, number of bedrooms in your home and the water hardness in your area. We can also accommodate any need.

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    Reverse Osmosis Systems for San Antonio

    A reverse osmosis system provides purified, contaminate-free water ideal for drinking and cooking. The savings in having a R.O. System as opposed to purchasing drinking water is significant. The unit is typically mounted under the kitchen sink and a tap faucet is provided. It is also large enough to accommodate the refrigerator’s ice maker and chilled water dispenser.

    By adding the R.O. System to your water softener purchase, it qualifies for a discounted package price!