Backhoe, Rockhammering, Spoil Removal and Rocksaw Trenching Services

Because the rock saw wheel is so large and hard to maneuver, most rock trenching contractors fail to provide a full cut when dealing with the connection points at both ends of a utility line.

With our services we are able to provide a complete cut to accommodate the full run of any utility line. We offer trenching service up to 28” in depth, 6-1/2” in width and as long as you need it. Pricing varies depending on trench length.

No extra charge for broken teeth and No equipment delivery charge.

All trenching comes with utility line locations, communication with the customer on the proper route of each trench, and courteous service.

We also offer full sized backhoe hoe ram services and provision and installation of properly sized water and sewer lines to suit the needs of the project.

Large jobs may qualify for discounted pricing. Please call our office for this discounted quote.

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